Style Icons

Some say nothings new under the sun and that definitely doesn’t exclude style. So with the reemergence of iconic trends, we decided to take the time to pay homage to people who have influenced our personal styles.The infamous people whose appearances we’ve replicated in this shoot have remained fashion innovators and have established timeless looks. […]

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Mandarin Collar

Amir Langhorne & David Thompson: Not unlike any other day for the Cotton Club, David and I headed to the thrift store right after class. Upon foraging through the oversized t-shirts, something catches our eye. It was a slim-fit button down with a collar that was unlike anything we’ve ever seen! Reminiscent of something you […]

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Pit Stop

Amir Langhorne: With the summer coming to an end, there was a desire to utilize our time getting down and dirty. We wanted to showcase the innate beauty that comes with classic vintage cars, along side some rugged looks that speak to the atmosphere of the environment. It was fascinating to witness the mechanics come face to face with every […]

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First Friday

David Thompson & Amir Langhorne: It is the first of the month. For this is the day where the city of Greensboro comes together to celebrate artistic minds that populate the district. In anticipation of presenting “The First Friday” project, we decide to take on two of our most popular stores, Design Archives and Civic […]

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Bound 2

Earnesto Martinez: The fascination of the airport scene was something to be indulged with. The whole idea was to show different looks for those that are “On The Go,” whether its for personal vacation or business. We had the opportunity to explore the airport and shoot where we felt the clothes reflected the scenery.  Knowing our style […]

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Thrifting with Reggie

We had the opportunity to do a quick interview with the former Mr. A&T, Reginald Johnson. We decided to conduct the interview in Value Village one of our city’s thrift store. To kill two birds with one stone, we thought it would be no better way to showcase his style and hear his point of […]

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Earnesto Martinez & Amir Langhorne: Some people believe that life is all about money, power and respect. There is a significant segment of society that believes that the world revolves around these three entities alone. Their children are taught to focus on a particular set of goals -which are not to be deviated upon for […]

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