Black & White

The world sometimes can be black and white, as we mean that in its greatest element. Black is known as the absence of color but accentuates an air of mystery. One who wears it appears thinner and more sophisticated, while also symbolizing strength and independence. It has become the rebel anthem as well as a […]

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Trench Coats

The Trench Coat was designed for the British Army to be worn during WWII by Thomas Burberry. The trench coat is one of the classic styles and has to be a staple for the fall.  Whether made with Drill, Gabardine, or leather, the trench coat is a versatile piece that everyone should look out for. […]

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Mandarin Collar

Amir Langhorne & David Thompson: Not unlike any other day for the Cotton Club, David and I headed to the thrift store right after class. Upon foraging through the oversized t-shirts, something catches our eye. It was a slim-fit button down with a collar that was unlike anything we’ve ever seen! Reminiscent of something you […]

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