Aisle III

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci

With “Aisle III,” we attempted to bring fashion, beauty and simplistic style to environments that are usually void of all. The grocery store, where some believe a tee and sweat pants is appropriate attire, is somewhere we believe presents a perfect opportunity to be very stylish in very simple ways. The importance of general style everywhere, alongside the importance of bringing your personal style into whatever you do, was the goal of this project. We shot this story in one of our local grocery stores, so the photos you see before you are the manifestations of our creative energies meshing with a location that is commonly regarded to be completely sterile. “Aisle III” shows how any scene can be transformed from its original purpose, with just a smidge of alluring simplicity, to a site of aesthetic pleasure once you choose to push your style into it.

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