Pathless Travels

Pathless Travels was an idea sparked from simply strolling through downtown Greensboro. What we saw were vacant areas that seemed to be old,unused,unseen and completely irrelevant to many, but within those many locations we found a beauty undiscovered.That potential grew into what you see here.

Pathless Travels was our attempt to not only bring light, but attention to the obscure creative possibilities of areas that have been overlooked and deemed hopeless.With this project, we would like to urge all those free and creative spirits out there to explore and transform the many-less-than desirable locations of your city into something spectacular.You never know what you will find when you’re not searching.

admin-ajaxtumblr_ngzt9pdV851tath4yo1_1280tumblr_ngztg42n1b1tath4yo1_1280tumblr_ngzth0NTOK1tath4yo1_1280tumblr_ngztebBF3n1tath4yo1_1280tumblr_ngztdzojZE1tath4yo1_1280tumblr_ngzt94r6pp1tath4yo1_1280tumblr_ngztd9smZz1tath4yo1_1280tumblr_ngztgl1GCM1tath4yo1_1280Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


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