Black & White

The world sometimes can be black and white, as we mean that in its greatest element. Black is known as the absence of color but accentuates an air of mystery. One who wears it appears thinner and more sophisticated, while also symbolizing strength and independence. It has become the rebel anthem as well as a common characteristic for men in the Asian fashion culture.

Like blank pages, white reveals a new story. It is giving of a visual of innocence and growth, presenting a sense of purity. With this crisp look, it offers a sense of peace and tranquility while usually giving us the creative boost we need.

What black covers, white uncovers. Together these colors carry a sense of elegance while remaining a classic. Together they are known to give balance where there is an art to the minimalist look.

IMG_5052 IMG_5075 IMG_5136 IMG_5185 IMG_5276 IMG_5204

Editor: Earnesto Martinez

Photographer: Mykaela Brevard


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