Building your Closet

David Thompson – So since I’ve gotten recognized as a guy that has style, I’ve also been approached with the questions like “where do you shop” or “where do you get your clothes from” or even “what makes you dress the way you do?” Usually I don’t answer them completely due to my insecurities of how genuine their curiosity is.  Well, in this post I will begin to open up and to those who truly do care and want to know. Here are just a few tips on how to build a closet similar to David’s.

So starting from square one, try to remember and be careful not to overlook the simple, timeless things. I think that has to be the hardest thing sometimes, but as a gentleman there are certain things you just need to get and on a tight budget like mine sometimes that means putting down that crazy patterned button up in order to get the classic white button up. This will ensure that you always have something to wear and honestly these items can be worn more frequently. Also, to outsiders it will make your closet seem less redundant because they won’t be paying as much attention to what you’re wearing but how it was worn.

This brings up my next point, the fit of your clothes is crucial. To me, this is the most important thing I’ve said thus far and will ever say. I’ve noticed that it is what sets you apart from the next person. I won’t say there is exactly a correct proportion to clothes, but whatever you wear should fit all aspects of the look you’re going for, especially silhouette.

The last tip I have for this post is after you’ve bought the staple clothing, I suggest buy clothes individually. Some people like buying outfits, but personally that doesn’t work for me. I just like to get whatever I like. Sometimes that means that when it gets back to my closet, I have absolutely nothing I want to wear with it. So, I just keep it in the back of my mind and as I gather inspiration, eventually it hits me and I finally have an outfit and usually it turns out better than I ever would have wished. So with that said, don’t be afraid to buy those items that are a little bit more outgoing than you’re used to, it may lead to a new component of your style.Master bedroom closet

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